Health insurance professionals: Retire now and keep your renewals!

Retire worry free

Relax knowing everything you have worked for is protected. Enjoy your retirement! Let the Retire with Renewals team manage and service your accounts.

Keep benefiting

You receive ongoing income while your clients receive outstanding service. Don’t sell your book for a fraction of its worth! Maintain control and create a reliable income stream for retirement.

Time to relax!

You worked hard to build your insurance business. Now it’s time for you to play! Get the freedom to spend your time as you wish, while receiving a regular monthly income.


Why choose us?


Get the best of all worlds 

If you’ve been longing for the freedom of retirement but have hesitated to give up the book of business you’ve worked so hard to build, the Retire with Renewals program is the answer.

Founded by a group of experienced insurance professionals who understand your dilemma, Retire with Renewals gives you everything you need.

Freedom to spend your time as you wish

Monthly income that continues for the life of your accounts

Complete control

of your book 


Three easy steps to years of retirement income 

Make Retire with Renewals a co-broker on your accounts

Introduce us to your clients for a smooth transition

Receive up to 50% of commissions on your accounts year after year


Meet our Leaders


Craig Gussin


Vice President

Cassie Shores


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