Gerry was a successful agent with a thriving agency. He worked hard and was able to manage his business and care for his clients by himself. But when his circumstances changed, he needed to find a new solution.

Elderly, healthy couple walking in Ria Formosa Park, Algarve, Portugal

The Problem

After an accident, Gerry’s spouse became disabled. She required round-the-clock care. Gerry was faced with a “Sophie’s Choice.” Was he to work and leave the care of his wife to a stranger, no matter how well qualified, or was he to place his personal care for his wife of 36 years above his business concerns?

The Solution

Commission Continuation Plan

Gerry contacted us and asked for help. Together, we found a solution that allowed him to continue to receive income from his business and have time to care for his wife. A Commission Continuation Plan can be the perfect answer to dilemmas like Gerry’s. The plan allowed us to take over servicing his agency in return for a split of commissions. This gave him the freedom and income he needed. Now Gerry does not have to worry about who will take care of his clients while he is caring for his wife.